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Caduces Medical Symbol PARK HILL
Family Medical Practice in Las Vegas
Charlezetta (Charlie) Roberson, PA
  3211 West Charleston Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89102

PHONE:  (702) 871-3730
FAX:  (702) 871-7379

***  If you are experiencing a Medical emergency, call 911 immediately!  ***

Watch Out!

It's October, which is Breast Awareness month!  Park Hill Family Practice is happy to announce the "Watch Out" program.  For the entire month of October the breast thermography physical is discounted. As well, the health screening exam is discounted.  The "Watch Out" program is the opportunity for women to be proactive about their breast health, breast concerns caught early can prevent future surgeries and oncology visits.  Watch out for breast health.

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