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Family Medical Practice in Las Vegas
Charlezetta (Charlie) Roberson, PA
3211 West Charleston Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89102

PHONE:  (702) 871-3730
FAX:  (702) 871-7379

***  If you are experiencing a Medical emergency, call 911 immediately!  ***


Come to Park Hill Family Practice on Wednesday Evening for one hour and enjoy a presentation about the HCG Hormone. The presentation includes a detailed history, how to take it successfully, what you can do to increase its effectiveness and more.

After the presentation, we have a round table discussion to dispel any myths about HCG and to answer all questions presented by you. Bring your news paper articles or even the folks that have a lot to say about it.

This class is presented for patients who want to try the HCG hormone. It will educate you and allow you a successful journey. The information received will give you an understanding of why the program is set up the way that it is at Park Hill Family Practice. Even if you do not care to use HCG, this class will teach you why other restorative programs do not work.

Facts: HCG is a hormone found naturally occurring in your body.
When given in small doses and when decreasing your calorie intake, HCG will result in weight loss.
There is a restorative care process taking place.
Excessive weight can increase your opportunity to chronic disease.
Your program must be monitored by a Health Care Practitioner.

Remember to RSVP and arrive on time...class starts promptly and last one hour. You must RSVP using any method below:
  1. Electronically by email (click here) or copy this address: rsvp@parkhillfamilypractice.com and placing into to section of your email program. Be sure to include your First and Last Name, Wednesday's date you wish to attend, and number of people attending, in your email.
  2. Completing the registration form (click here to download and print form), and mailing or faxing it to Park Hill Family Practice (702) 871-7379. You may also drop the completed form of at our office.
  3. Calling our office at (702) 871-3730
  4. In person by stopping into our office and RSVP'ing at the front desk

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